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Update: becasue I’ve been so busy!!


Well it’s been a while since I have written down my thoughts. So I figured now is as good as time as any due to the fact that today I have almost absolutely NOTHING to do!!

Since, I have last written, so much has changed. I am no longer the “star” of the track team, but I am the binding force that keeps everyone together. So many of the underclassmen have told me that if I don’t run next year that they aren’t going to either. That’s kind of nice to hear every now and then.

Also, I do officially have a boyfriend. He is 21, and I’m 17 but that doesn’t really matter. Honestly, he isn’t like most (any guy) that I have met so far. He is an absolute sweetheart and no I do not care if you do believe me or not.




Yesterday afternoon was just absolutely crazy! It began with track practice at 5. Before I could leave for practice I had to clean all of my horse tack, since we were allegedly taking pictures for drill team at 6:30. So there was my morning wasted cleaning.

For practice we have to run eight 200s (2 sets of 4)! With the last set of 4 getting progressively faster! Since I was already tired and didn’t eat a good lunch, naturally, I threw up; twice. Then I felt more exhausted than I have probably ever felt before. I felt so weak I could have sworn that I was going to pass out. Thankfully, I made it to drill team practice and there were no pictures so my fatigued appearance wasn’t photographed.

Honestly, the best way to relax was riding my beloved horse, Fudge, at top speed in an arena with 7 other horses. Riding just seems to heal my soul. Since I wasn’t there to warm up Fudge, I had to do it quite quickly and not very well. So it ended up taking him forever to cool down. I walked him for about an hour before he stopped radiating heat.

Anyways so far today, I’ve been to track practice; which was 5 150s not as bad as yesterday. We only got an easy workout today because we have a track meet tomorrow.

These next couple days are going to be so hectic for me. Tomorrow is the track meet, which is 2 hours away, and should be the most embarrassing time of my life due to the fact that Avery, recorded a 10 minute video of me being stupid during English class and now everyone wants to see it. Saturday is the local parade and rodeo. Sunday is just the final rodeo. And Monday, is school.

Also, today I’m planning to hang out with my friend Katie, but so far she hasn’t texted me back. Poor me.

My Hair!!


So yesterday I got my hair done and I thought it was okay, so I just went ahead and paid her…

Now today my hair is a total nightmare!! It looks way to dark for me. Or at least what I’m used to. I honestly feel like I should become emo or something (no offense, I actually have an emo friend). I’m just really freaked out right now! I guess it’s just because I’m not used to having really dark hair. By having dark hair, I mean, pure LEVEL 4 black!!

On the bright side at least my natural hair color is dominant, so it should hopefully quickly tune out the black.

Absolute Disaster!

Spring Break 2012


Well it’s two days into spring break and so far I haven’t done anything extremely remarkable. Since Spring break is during the local fair/rodeo, it really is somewhat inconvenient for me. In stead of being able to relax all week. I’ve been having to prepare for the rodeo, which I happen to be in. I’m not extremely important, just one of the people who ride around with the sponsor flags. But since this is a professional rodeo, that means that I can’t mess up, and I have to spend many freaking hours trimming, grooming, and bathing my horse to make sure he looks perfect. As well as, cleaning my stuff so that it looks decent.

So far not much has happened. I’ve been to the beach, to look at a condo my family plans to rent during the summer. Spent all of yesterday messing with my horse (Fudge). And so far today, I’ve only managed to get my hair done at the salon. Sadly, it’s a little darker than I would have preferred, but whatever.

I wonder what happened to all that homework I was planning on doing?? So much for having a productive spring break….

My Secret Addiction…


We all have our guilty little pleasures.. mine just happens to be a little stranger than most people’s

No you shouldn’t call “My Strange Addiction” and report me.

I just simply have an addiction to reading Personals ads on Craigslist..

Anyone else have this habit??

We if you do.. then I feel a little more normal, but if you don’t I suggest you try it. For some reason they make me feel better about my life, along with being entertaining. My favorite section (depending on what ads are present) is usually the Missed Connections. One entertaining one that I recall is:

“I saw you sitting on the curb with your friends. You were wearing a mini-skirt and I could see your panties. I tried to talk to you but was distracted by the large amount of drugs I was on. So if you read this then please reply…”

So many ads like that one are on there! another one that I found entertaining was in the Men seeking Women section:

“I’m looking for a hot and sexy woman who is interested in a discrete relationship. If you are hot and sexy and are disease free..”

That  is one of my favorites. Why do people post ads on Craigslist for a discrete relationship?? and Why would you want one??

In The Beginning..


In the beginning there was nothing.. but then a whole bunch of other stuff happened and some how we ended up with what we like to call “life.” This life can be lived in many different ways pertaining to what our desires are. We can either choose to live our lives selfishly or to the benefit of others.

Basically, we can live life to our own benefit, or to that of others. Frankly, I don’t know which I would prefer.

I love money, and lots of it but I also love my horses, (Fudge, Millennium, & Cookie).

I try to be a good person. But I know that if I died tomorrow. I’d probably be going to hell. On account that I am a huge sinner. I am Catholic, and right now I just can’t find my belief in church (trust me I believe in God and Jesus). I’ve been spending my church time checking out guys, and then later realizing that I knew the guy and then suddenly he became a lot less cute.

Other than my sinning I also love running track. Well more or less running, but more like winning and collecting medals. This year I’m the varsity anchor leg for the 4×100 relay and 4×200 relay. And currently I’m headed for the State Track Meet.