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Update: becasue I’ve been so busy!!


Well it’s been a while since I have written down my thoughts. So I figured now is as good as time as any due to the fact that today I have almost absolutely NOTHING to do!!

Since, I have last written, so much has changed. I am no longer the “star” of the track team, but I am the binding force that keeps everyone together. So many of the underclassmen have told me that if I don’t run next year that they aren’t going to either. That’s kind of nice to hear every now and then.

Also, I do officially have a boyfriend. He is 21, and I’m 17 but that doesn’t really matter. Honestly, he isn’t like most (any guy) that I have met so far. He is an absolute sweetheart and no I do not care if you do believe me or not.




Yesterday afternoon was just absolutely crazy! It began with track practice at 5. Before I could leave for practice I had to clean all of my horse tack, since we were allegedly taking pictures for drill team at 6:30. So there was my morning wasted cleaning.

For practice we have to run eight 200s (2 sets of 4)! With the last set of 4 getting progressively faster! Since I was already tired and didn’t eat a good lunch, naturally, I threw up; twice. Then I felt more exhausted than I have probably ever felt before. I felt so weak I could have sworn that I was going to pass out. Thankfully, I made it to drill team practice and there were no pictures so my fatigued appearance wasn’t photographed.

Honestly, the best way to relax was riding my beloved horse, Fudge, at top speed in an arena with 7 other horses. Riding just seems to heal my soul. Since I wasn’t there to warm up Fudge, I had to do it quite quickly and not very well. So it ended up taking him forever to cool down. I walked him for about an hour before he stopped radiating heat.

Anyways so far today, I’ve been to track practice; which was 5 150s not as bad as yesterday. We only got an easy workout today because we have a track meet tomorrow.

These next couple days are going to be so hectic for me. Tomorrow is the track meet, which is 2 hours away, and should be the most embarrassing time of my life due to the fact that Avery, recorded a 10 minute video of me being stupid during English class and now everyone wants to see it. Saturday is the local parade and rodeo. Sunday is just the final rodeo. And Monday, is school.

Also, today I’m planning to hang out with my friend Katie, but so far she hasn’t texted me back. Poor me.