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Well my flight to go visit my sister has been officially cancelled, due to illness. I’m not ill but I have been exposed to the flu and so has my mom. So therefore, Mom decided to cancel the whole thing. It sucks.

So now I’m on crutches and now I have to completely care for myself. Even though I’m not supposed to do anything.


Hagland’s Deformity…


I recently had foot surgery to remove my Hagland’s deformity, also known as LaShawn, because he looked like a LaShawn. Anyways, a Hagland’s deformity is basically when your heel bone spontaneously decides to grow out, giving you a giant heel, in some cases big enough for a name. Tragically, I had one of the larger Hagland’s Deformities. Even more tragic was that it started to affect me in February and I didn’t have my operation until July 23. For those who are lucky enough not to have this deformity, I will try to describe the pain in the simplest way possible.

It hurt so bad I wanted to cut off my own foot! But that was only when I had to wear tennis shoes or my track spikes (which were the most painful). Now that I’ve had the surgery I haven’t felt much if any pain. So far I think that it was worth the wait.

Although, my only regret is that I have to be on crutches and will have to be until further notice. As far as I know I will have to spend a total of 3 weeks on those damn things. As long as I’m allowed to walk after my next Dr. appointment.

Summer Finally!!


Well school got released today at 11:40, and God knows that it didn’t come soon enough. I have had an absolutely horrendous 3-day week! Which completely eliminated the zen that I acquired during my extended weekend. First on Tuesday, much of that day I do not remember, I forgot who did what but I definitely became irritated. Then on Wednesday everything went to hell. I had bought a dress for the “Awards Ceremony” which I was an usher for, but some people wouldn’t shut-up about how the dress would ride up a little bit when I walked (f.y.i. it was a knee-length dress). Which caused me to become angry before 9:00. I actually walked out of my 2nd period class. Then after skipping for the majority of my classes, I decide to show up to meet all the other ushers for lunch around 12:30. Well when the food finally arrives, I go to pick up the food that is mine because I paid for it, and the school jerk (who is also an usher) decides to be rude to me about getting my food! Which then results in me trying to come back with a sarcastic comment, but this then backfires on me as the jack*** then accuses me of a lack of maturity.

Honestly, at this point all I could think to myself was “EXCUSE ME?” I then proceed to prove to him about how he is immature, which then results in his miraculous comeback “I’m very mature, your the one who needs to grow up.” At this point I am completely enraged. So to prevent myself from slapping the sense into this guy I then walk away and go to my sanctuary of the library, which my mother works in. I then tell her about my woes about the rudeness my classmates have treated me with, but then I also remember how my (ex)boyfriend was moving that day. I then attempt to convince my mom that I should just be allowed to go home. Instead she says that I should and stay to be recognized for being in the “Top 10% of the Junior Class,” I finally agree after my counter offer that we can leave straight afterward.

Of course as soon as I enter the auditorium I burst out in tears, and of course everyone is already seated in there. Anyways I happen to manage to pull myself together for the “Top 10” announcement. Then after getting my picture taken, I proceed to leave with my mother, before I lose my composure again. Of course, being my luck, I happen to miss receiving an award and a scholarship which I won by writing a speech. All become some a** made me mad.

Then, my awesome luck continues into today. I spend my morning wondering where I’m supposed to be, and then I run into the same jerk, who then insults me again for no reason. Then deciding that he isn’t worth my worry and trouble I then go to help my mother in the library. Which causes me to miss “usher practice”, that also caused me to be counted truant. So, I then had to explain my situation to the witch of an attendance secretary.

So, in conclusion, I would like to thank the one ass who ruined my week. I hope you burn in hell.