Just a girl who lives in a small Texas town. Who loves running track, riding horses, and laughing out loud.

Currently, I’m a Senior (Class of 2013!) in High School taking all Honors and AP classes.

I have 3 horses. Cookie, a white mare who taught me how to ride. She is now retired and is our beloved pasture ornament. Millennium, a Palomino Appaloosa Quarter Horse Cross who was born at our property when I was about five and given to me as a birthday present. And finally Fudge,  a bay, registered, solid American Paint Horse (a.k.a. Way Bob Fudge) who is the love of my life. I have dreams to compete in 3-day Eventing and Barrel Racing.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter @delaynealexis ❤

Favorite Shows: Desperate Housewives, Switched at Birth, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Sherlock Holmes, Criminal Minds, Awkward.

Favorite Movies: An Education, Avatar

Favorite Stores: Victoria’s Secret, Buckle, horse.com, Chick’s Saddlery, Blingonabudget.com


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