Hagland’s Deformity…


I recently had foot surgery to remove my Hagland’s deformity, also known as LaShawn, because he looked like a LaShawn. Anyways, a Hagland’s deformity is basically when your heel bone spontaneously decides to grow out, giving you a giant heel, in some cases big enough for a name. Tragically, I had one of the larger Hagland’s Deformities. Even more tragic was that it started to affect me in February and I didn’t have my operation until July 23. For those who are lucky enough not to have this deformity, I will try to describe the pain in the simplest way possible.

It hurt so bad I wanted to cut off my own foot! But that was only when I had to wear tennis shoes or my track spikes (which were the most painful). Now that I’ve had the surgery I haven’t felt much if any pain. So far I think that it was worth the wait.

Although, my only regret is that I have to be on crutches and will have to be until further notice. As far as I know I will have to spend a total of 3 weeks on those damn things. As long as I’m allowed to walk after my next Dr. appointment.


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