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Well my flight to go visit my sister has been officially cancelled, due to illness. I’m not ill but I have been exposed to the flu and so has my mom. So therefore, Mom decided to cancel the whole thing. It sucks.

So now I’m on crutches and now I have to completely care for myself. Even though I’m not supposed to do anything.


Hagland’s Deformity…


I recently had foot surgery to remove my Hagland’s deformity, also known as LaShawn, because he looked like a LaShawn. Anyways, a Hagland’s deformity is basically when your heel bone spontaneously decides to grow out, giving you a giant heel, in some cases big enough for a name. Tragically, I had one of the larger Hagland’s Deformities. Even more tragic was that it started to affect me in February and I didn’t have my operation until July 23. For those who are lucky enough not to have this deformity, I will try to describe the pain in the simplest way possible.

It hurt so bad I wanted to cut off my own foot! But that was only when I had to wear tennis shoes or my track spikes (which were the most painful). Now that I’ve had the surgery I haven’t felt much if any pain. So far I think that it was worth the wait.

Although, my only regret is that I have to be on crutches and will have to be until further notice. As far as I know I will have to spend a total of 3 weeks on those damn things. As long as I’m allowed to walk after my next Dr. appointment.

Awesome Stuff Saturday.


So I figured that I should start up writing my blog again. (not that I have any readers, but whatever, I like to write stuff)

I have also decided that in honor of the weekend I should recommend some Awesome Stuff to do/watch/whatever.

So, for Today Saturday, August 4, 2012 the Awesome Thing is Awkward. No it’s not awkward, but it is Awkward..

Awkward. is one of my favorite television shows! It is on MTV and I believe that new episodes come out every Tuesday or Thursday. It’s summer vacation and right now I really shouldn’t be held accountable to knowing what day it is. It is also available all day everyday on

Anyways, Awkward. is about a girl named Jenna, who has horrible luck (much like myself) and but she conquers her problems in a way that is humorous. I don’t want to reveal anything about the show because it is so good!!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!