The Culture of Rudeness


Many people probably live in a world of sophistication. Where the worst possible thing that can be done is forgetting to say thank you, but in the part of Texas where I live, that isn’t the case. Spending my divided time in a ranch near Waco with some college friends and, the remainder of it in South Texas, I have noticed a large margin of difference.

Since the recent boom in oil activity, we have had a lot of “oil-field trash” come into the area. Now, don’t be offended by the term “oil-field trash” it is simply a term that most sophisticated South-Texans use as well as the oil-field immigrants use for themselves.

Anyways, back to my explanation of the “Culture.” Being “down in the south” I’ve noticed a lot of unnecessary rudeness, such as the “jerk who ruined my week.” I don’t know what it is about South Texas but the rudeness just seems unnecessary. When I’m in the North, I’ve looked out for common simple things, such as, the way people drive. In the South I’ve noticed a lot of people cut one another off and become easily angered. Which in contrast to the North, people seem more careful and polite. Such as if someone was to cut someone else off, there would just be a simple honk and not the whole swearing ordeal that comes with those who live in the South.

Although, this may seem like a Civil War argument, it’s not. It is just an observation I have made. Hopefully, one day I will go more in-depth into my findings about this “culture.”


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