Spring Break 2012


Well it’s two days into spring break and so far I haven’t done anything extremely remarkable. Since Spring break is during the local fair/rodeo, it really is somewhat inconvenient for me. In stead of being able to relax all week. I’ve been having to prepare for the rodeo, which I happen to be in. I’m not extremely important, just one of the people who ride around with the sponsor flags. But since this is a professional rodeo, that means that I can’t mess up, and I have to spend many freaking hours trimming, grooming, and bathing my horse to make sure he looks perfect. As well as, cleaning my stuff so that it looks decent.

So far not much has happened. I’ve been to the beach, to look at a condo my family plans to rent during the summer. Spent all of yesterday messing with my horse (Fudge). And so far today, I’ve only managed to get my hair done at the salon. Sadly, it’s a little darker than I would have preferred, but whatever.

I wonder what happened to all that homework I was planning on doing?? So much for having a productive spring break….


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