My Secret Addiction…


We all have our guilty little pleasures.. mine just happens to be a little stranger than most people’s

No you shouldn’t call “My Strange Addiction” and report me.

I just simply have an addiction to reading Personals ads on Craigslist..

Anyone else have this habit??

We if you do.. then I feel a little more normal, but if you don’t I suggest you try it. For some reason they make me feel better about my life, along with being entertaining. My favorite section (depending on what ads are present) is usually the Missed Connections. One entertaining one that I recall is:

“I saw you sitting on the curb with your friends. You were wearing a mini-skirt and I could see your panties. I tried to talk to you but was distracted by the large amount of drugs I was on. So if you read this then please reply…”

So many ads like that one are on there! another one that I found entertaining was in the Men seeking Women section:

“I’m looking for a hot and sexy woman who is interested in a discrete relationship. If you are hot and sexy and are disease free..”

That  is one of my favorites. Why do people post ads on Craigslist for a discrete relationship?? and Why would you want one??


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